The Varied Applications Of Water Heating Elements


The function of heating elements is to convert electrical energy into heat and so they are widely used in many electrical appliances, which are used for both domestic and commercial purposes for heating air, liquid and water. On the other, the elements, which are only used for heating water, are called as Water Heating Elements. These elements have wide applications in homes, industries and commercial organizations. In homes, they are chiefly used for heating water during winter seasons. In industries, they are used for various mechanical purposes. Theeta is one of the leading manufacturers of these elements.
Theeta is the largest manufacturer andexporter of heating elements for both industrial and domestic applications in India. The elements manufactured by this company are sold under ‘Theeta’, the brand name. The personnel involved in manufacturing of these elements are highly qualified professionals and engineers, who have over 25 years of experience in the field of electrical heating. The plants, where these elements are manufactured are huge enough to handle the volumes for both domestic and international markets. A great care is taken during the manufacturing process of these elements. The process of manufacturing is very complicated and involves many steps. After manufacturing, these elements are subjected to rigorous testing process to ascertain the efficacy of the products. The defected ones are sent back to manufacturing unit for further rectification.
All in all, Theeta is one of the best Water Heating Element Manufacturers in India. The name of the company is known for quality rather than quantity. Its manufacturing branches are located in various cities of India.


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